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Xenia Community Schools Negotiated Agreement

Xenia Community Schools Negotiated Agreement

„The continued increase of COVID-19 in communities, counties, countries, countries and the world should give us time to make the best decisions for our students, teachers, employees, families and community,” Brooks said. „Montgomery and Clark counties were at the Red Alert level. While the majority of facilitators live in Xenia or Greene County, most teachers live elsewhere. We cannot just look at greene County statistics as people move between counties. This disease is in the air and highly contagious, especially indoors. Many of our teachers and employees are older and/or have health problems, putting them at high risk of obtaining COVID-19. Many of our students are in the care of grandparents or great-grandparents who would be at high risk because students could bring the virus home. Some teachers and staff take care of their parents, who in turn are at high risk. We should not increase the opening of risks in people`s classes if it is not safe. „It`s a big community,” he said. There are „a lot of great things that have happened in terms of student outcomes, and I want to be part of it to continue the great work that has taken place and move that work forward. I am happy to be here. XENIA — The unions, which represent the majority of Xenia`s employees, shared their concerns with Xenia`s plan to return to school in person in a few weeks.

„We want and want to be part of the process since March to move forward,” Dawson said. „We want to be proactive in our approach, so that we don`t have to take extra time or step back when it comes to working within the parameters of the negotiated agreement. We always hope that our views will be appreciated and that our expertise in this area will be sought in the context of a much-needed working partnership at a time like this. We should not be forced to ask for information or details about things that we should do first and foremost to actively participate in creation. „Over the past six months, we have spoken to thousands of community members, parents and employees who have called, e-mailed social media and responded to surveys as they face tough decisions,” Lofton said. „We understand that this is not an easy time for anyone, and we will continue to involve and work together if we look forward to a successful school year.” Lofton shook hands and greeted community members after the school`s management voted in favor of his contract at a special meeting on Wednesday.