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What Is The Facebook User Agreement

What Is The Facebook User Agreement

A fascinating Wired article on a research study that analyzes how Russian facebook ads were shared and targeted by users during the 2016 presidential elections. Much more detailed than previous studies. Nevertheless, the contract is non-negotiable, which means that parents whose teens are on the social media site should make sure that children know what they are signing up for. (You must be at least 13 years old to have a Facebook account, although many underage children have managed to get on the platform.) Facebook is hardly the trendy social network for teens; Children are moving to more popular services like Snapchat and Instagram (owned by Facebook). But there are still many. Like all good geeks, I sometimes read patent applications, especially those filed by Google and Facebook. Here is a Facebook – US20180012146A1 – for „sentimental polarity for users of a social networking system.” It`s about how to deduce a web user`s moods by running a website. „User polarity is based on information obtained about the interaction between the user and the page (z.B. How, the report, etc.) and can be based on an analysis of a subject extracted from the text on the page. The system pours a positive or negative polarity from the user to the content of the page, and this polarity can then be associated with a second user interaction or subsequent interaction with the content of the page. It`s surveillance capitalism in action. What about Facebook`s collection of information? TechCrunch has brought Facebook`s new tracking feature, „Nearby Friends,” to the fore to see which of your friends is within a mile.

While you won`t find the exact location of your friends, Facebook will have your exact location. The feature uses „location tracking” to create your „location history.” While you can delete your history and disable the app at your leisure, Facebook has noticed that it „could always receive your last exact location, which will allow you, for example, to post content marked by your location or find nearby locations.” So a certain amount of tracking happens, no matter what happens.