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I'm professional photographer and filmmaker coming to NYC on 1st of July for 14 days.
I'll bring my gear ready with load of enthusiasm and ideas to shoot and film. Hire me for one of those days.
Get great photos and video content for boosting your business in social media.
Help me fulfil the dream of moving to NYC. Lets work!
Satisfaction guaranteed. See details below.

Forget about agencies, crew and big budget production. Let's make it efficient, yet high quality and crafted to post your future ads and content on social media.

I will help you to get ready to take photos and shoot video within one day. What you get is bunch of retouched photos, video clips, headshots or whatever you need? YouTube episode maybe? Let's do it!

Every photo and video clip is sharp, rich in details, shot on professional Sony cameras with prime lenses. All optimised to social media and print.

Simple as it sounds. Download your package ready to publish, send it to your customers using simple link from anywhere.


01 How does it work?

Book production day (or half). It will be me working for you with necessary gear, slowmotion cameras, prime lenses, lighting (if needed) and sound equipment. Before shooting day I will work with you on plan, script and props list.

01 How to prepare for shooting?

Before coming to NYC we will work on what would be the best option for your need. The result will be a brief to maximise efficiency and outcome of shooting. It contain a plan, script and props list, locations, list of shots, timetable so we both will start working right away.

03 When will you get your stuff ready?

It will take 10 working days to finish edits. I am connected with my team of editors in Europe and they will take care of primary selection and first edits. Then we will meet over video call to decide what next. You get first video edits and retouched photos within days and then we can correct it to final version.

04 What can be shot in a day?

One Day of shooting is 8 hours of work. In this time we can change locations, do outdoors and indoors. Based on experience. We can shoot footage for 120 sec edited video and take lots of various photos. Or we can focus on company headshots and shot 30 sec video. Other example – It takes one day to shoot up to 5 episodes of youtube culinary show. Customers usually choose One Day package where final products are 60 sec video, two 15 sec clips and 30 retouched photos to be used online, as facebook background and instagram feed.

05 What is exact step by step process?

1. You order a day in given dates and confirm with payment 40% upfront
2. We work on plan and script to be super prepared to shoot.
3. We know results before beginning and work toward them, however all unused end extra footage is yours.
4. Corrections are made fast and we finish the edits in 10 days or sooner.
5. You will get all footage and final products without watermark right after final payment.



Gig Photography

"Shots from our gig at Bowery are amazing! Thanks for a good job."

Daniel Grand

Band Leader

Kite video

"You should see the Kite video from Hudson River. It's amazing video!"


Pro Kiteboarder

App video

"How this could be that simple and great looking! Thank you!"

Ashley Cole

  • a



  • 1000

    • One full day of shooting
    • Up to 120 sec of video
    • Up to 30 retouched photos
    • Unused footage
    • Fast correction process and delivery

  • 600

    • Half a day of shooting (4 hours)
    • Up to 60 sec of video
    • Up to 15 retouched photos
    • Unused footage
    • Fast correction process and delivery